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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Just bought a brand new pair of skis a few weeks ago:

I was super amped about this purchase because I got such a sweet deal on them. Moreover, I am an avid skier and I pretty much live for the powder. Needless to say I dropped a pretty penny (final sale) on these bad boys. Promptly after purchasing them I called my ski crew to brag about how I awesome I was going to rip on these this winter. Lord, did I talk a big game! Of course, about a week later I received word that I would be relocating.
Relocating somewhere that doesn't really get below 80 degrees all year round. Somewhere that is not anywhere close to mountains, snow, or even trees for that matter. Well, the move is not 100 percent final yet. But if the transfer does go through, my chances of shredding the nar on these beauties is looking rather slim.
Talk about irony.

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