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Friday, July 22, 2011

Obligatory Re-Cap Part II

So as you already know I disappeared from the face of the earth (blogosphere) for nearly 7-8 months...and yeah, I really don't have a good reason for my absence.  But anyway, here is where we left off on my previous re-cap:

I got hitched.
Then we gallivanted through France & Corsica on our honeymoon:

We spent a few lazy weekends hanging & camping out with friends at our favorite "secret" beach here in Qatar:
We traveled to Jordan for Christmas & visited Petra which is very high on my list of "most awesome old places on earth":
 Yup, that is the husband who climbed on top of the ruins...
 We stayed at the Six Senses & it was one of the most awesome hotels ever...that waterfall is actually a hot spring.

And that brings us up to speed on re-cap part I.  Now if you are still with me...on to part II.

In January the "Moms" came out to visit to celebrate the Husband's birthday & we showed them around Qatar (or actually they showed us around Qatar since they had done more stuff in a week than we had in over a year of living here!) & Dubai:
Ginor showed us how to properly ride a camel.

Next, we had an epic ski adventure in the French Alps, Three Valleys (a trip that deserves its own post at some future point in time):

Suddenly, it was April & off we went to celebrate my birthday in Istanbul, Turkey.  (Where, by the way, I bought the most excellent Prada birthday handbag from the Grand Bazaar) Again, another trip that deserves a full post (now only if I could stop being so lazy...).

And that brings us up to my latest adventure....backpacking with Martinez in the South-East Asian country of Laos!  (Just wait for the videos - two words - landslides & monks. Yes!)
This trip was amaze-balls.  I want to go back and explore more of Asia...like NOW.

Well, so now you guy all know where I have been hiding.  But, don't be fooled by all the cool pictures, we spend the vast majority of our time doing something less than cool (literally)...it's called work... in 120 degree heat.  And yes, we have been having quite a laugh about all the "heatwave" news in the US because we consider 100 to be a nice day!


  1. omg, you went to so many cool places! I am totally jealous!!

  2. haha Kimberly im sitting here in the U.S now since November..STILL telling myself i'm going to do actual posts for cities in laos, vietnam, cambodia and even india which was over a year ago. my blog took a dive mid traveling too. hhmmmm i might just give in and have to reciprocate this re-cap idea so the massively annoying WRITE FOR BLOG disappears from my daily to-do list.

    the places you've gone are mighty impressive! we can't wait to get back out into the world again!