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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DID YOU KNOW - *aka Random Thoughts/Facts from the Middle East

Did you know:
  • that alarm clocks are unnecessary here?  The 4 am call to prayer blasting from the speakers of every mosque in the city each morning is 100% more effective in waking you up than any screeching buzzer will ever be.

  • that there is a turn on switch for absolutely everything? Not just for turning on lights, but a switch to turn on the water, another to turn on the hot water, one to turn the ignition to the stove, and there is even one on every single outlet.  Also, that there is no such thing as having an electrical outlet in the bathroom!?  Want to shave, curl your hair, or use an electric toothbrush?  Forget it!  But each bathroom does come equipped with a bidet and a foot wash just in case you were feeling in need of a quick clean.

  • that in order to get your driver's license in Qatar you have to pass an eye exam where they make you read a row of letters in the tiniest size possible?  But the truth of the matter is that they should really test how well you can see the giant Land Cruisers that are constantly about to run you over.

  • that running outside in temperatures of 30-35 degrees centigrade at 80-90% humidity is really, really hard? Oh yes, and this is at night!  Also, that the writer of this blog has foolishly signed up to run in the Dubai marathon on January 22nd and consequently has to run almost every day in that heat by choice?  And furthermore, that the driving in this city is too dangerous for running on or along the streets and that there are hardly any parks so there is really only one safe place to run?  It is a 6 kilometer long crowded path along the ocean where all you can do is run back and forth until you hit the distance you want to run.

  • that maps are rendered useless because the roads are constantly changing due to the fact that the ENTIRE city is one MASSIVE construction site?

  • that they pretty much don’t sell tampons here? I had to go to three stores before I found a place that sold them. They are OB without an applicator and I am not happy about it. I should have known better and bought like a years supply of Tampax Pearls before I left. God you know it is bad when you miss your tampons.

  • that the have more shopping and more malls than the whole world could possibly need?  Also that one of the malls is modeled after the city of Venice and has a canal throughout it with boats you can ride in? (promise to post pictures soon)  Side note: all the Qatari women carry the most ludicriously expensive handbags I have ever seen.  Talk about purse envy; this girl has got a bad case.  These bags make my Coach and Marc Jacobs look cheap!

  • that truly it is NOT terrible living here? It is just a bit ridiculous/comical at times.

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