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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Victory & The Quirks of Being an American Expat


Being born and raised in NJ, just a mere 20 minutes or 2 hours in traffic from NYC & the empire that is Yankee Stadium; it is my birth-rite to be a fan.   That being said, of course I want to celebrate and talk about how awesome it is that they won the World Series. 

But PROBLEM...I am not currently residing in the good ole US of A.

So none of my coworkers understand when I tell them the extraordinary news.  Instead they persist on asking me:

"How can it be the WORLD Series, if no other countries in the WORLD play?" (said in a smarmy British accent)

Sheesh!  Where is an American when I need one?!  Even my fiance' is of no help because his birth-rite happens to be an allegiance for that other team who didn't even make it to the World Series  the Boston Red Sox.

I tried to explain to them that the sun actually orbits around Yankee Stadium and not the earth round the sun as previously believed.  They didn't get the joke.

Then I tried to explain to my wonderful British coworkers that this it is sort of like when Manchestor United wins the Champions League.  The response:

"Yes, but how can it be the WORLD Series?"  AGAIN.

Followed by some rumblings about Cricket being a "proper game".  Oh yes and it started a rousing conversation about American football and how it is lesser than Rugby and something about how it is not played with the feet so it should not be called football. 

Technicalities, I say to it all.  GO YANKEES.

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