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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Be Better Than The Gap

Going to the movies is a rare occurance for me. Unless Harry Potter is out and in that case, I am first in line for the midnight premier. Holler. (BTW, do people still say that?) But in Qatar I do not go to the movies because it is like my own personal nightmare.  It is always too crowded. The locals have poor movie ettiquette: they talk, come in late, go in & out several times, use their cellphones, & generally are there for reasons other than actually watching a movie.  But I digress... Oh yeah - and their kids are most likely to be found kicking your seat & crying at the same time.  Not to mention that films here have all the good parts edited out.

(PS- Sadface for no more HP)

Anyway, despite all of the above nonsense, I went to the movies this weekend.  And was treated to this:

Well, Hello There.

Don't Mind If I Do.

Ladies, You Are Welcome.
(images from Crazy, Stupid, Love - IMDB page)

Crazy, Stupid, Love wasn't anything ground breaking, but I was not expecting to see such a funny & well done Rom-Com.  I am a big fan.  Even with all the kissing/sexy scenes cut out - it was still hilarious.  Tons of good 1-2 liners.  And Ryan Gosling - damn, he looked GOOD (and even though everyone loves the notebook - I was really neither here nor there on him before). When this is available on DVD/download I will definitely be watching it again.  You should watch it too; RG's hotness alone should be reason enough.

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