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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Reflections of a No-longer Newlywed

Not every day is perfect or noteworthy,
But each day is ours to share. (photo: our engagement - Alaska 2009)
Not every adventure turns out as planned, (photo: save-the-date - Doha 2009)
but we are taking the journey together (photo - Breckenridge, CO 2009).
We know how to push each other's buttons, (photo: rehearsal dinner ice cream cake -Doha 2010)
And how bring out the best in one another. (photo - Lower Latourell Falls, Oregon 2009)
We are teammates & best friends (photo: Whidbey Island, WA 2008)
Lovers, too.  
{Whoops. How did that pictures of Tom Selleck get in here?} (photo: bachelorette party - Doha 2010)
We are a family, (photo: Honeymoon -Paris, France 2010)
That will grow & change with time. (photo: Doha 2011)
 We will make mistakes & face challenges; (photo: Honeymoon - Corsica, 2010)
 But we will overcome them as a team & become stronger for it. (photo: Courcheval, France 2011)
Each year marks another awesome chapter; (photo: Istanbul, Turkey 2011)

Of the epic adventure that is our married life. (photo: Wedding Day 9-25-10, NJ)

Cheers, to 1 year down & lifetime more to go!

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