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Friday, September 3, 2010

Hen P-A-R-T-Y - Tom Selleck is a handsome 65!

My apologies, I am posting this still a bit sloshed-morning after...but too amazing not to share immediately, slash I just burped-threw up in my mouth a little bit..but it is ok, signs of an amazing night!
Yes, me and Magnum PI (aka Tom Selleck)...don't judge, you love it. Best canvas poster EVER.  Slash I know I have a dirty twisted mind to have a celeb-crush on TS. shhhhh..

ok this one is more normal...
Hottest blue v-neck sweater in the world!!

All the *lovely*/conspiring hoes that planned my surprise hen party (yes I am british now and say hen party..don't judge I am still drunk!). Dinner at the Spice Market (W Hotel)..best booze-free Ramadan dinner ever (sorry I am going to say ever A LOT in this post).

And the after math...
See the yellow thing on the table?? Banana holder.  Oh yeah.

Ok this post was probably TMI, but no regrets.. such a good time.. I have such awesome friends here..
PPS half the reason I am so still drunk is because they took away the word *awesome* from me and I had to take a shot each time I said it...yeah...if you know me..that is a challenge.

xoxox KP

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