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Monday, June 6, 2011

Where in the World?

Dear internet,

Sorry I have not been *here* for the past 9+ months (what?!! seriously?!)... but I promise it was not because I stopped caring about you, it was because I just seriously lost track time...

Like for example, I went home to NJ and got seriously side track because I had to do this:

And also managed to squeeze in hosting one of these:

Because I am now an Auntie & (omg) there is another niece/nephew on the way!

Then we flitted off to here (paris, france):

and spent a little bit of romantic time here (corsica):

Also, we took a quick stop here during the Eid holiday (sri lanka):

We also celebrated this (qatar national day):

We then spent Christmas discovering an ancient city within the holy land (petra, jordan):

and taking a dip here on X-mas day (the dead sea):

So you see?!  And that only brings us to the end of 2010....  there are still a 6 additional months to account for!

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