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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Adventure Part 2

So the two "adventurers" hiked along the ridge, we strapped on our gear and started carving a sweet powder stash still naive to our tragic mistake. It was a steep, tree-filled line that was well worth the hike....until, BAM! I am close-lined by a bent over sapling, hidden under the snow. 

Face down, with one leg caught on the sapling up over my head, I start to panic. A searing pain shoots up from my ankle. CRAP.  A sense of calm washes over me as I hear SB charging back up through the deep snow to help me.   I do a one handed push up (which under normal circumstances I can hardly do a two handed girl push up, adrenaline is a powerful thing) and reach back to try to release my binding; only to fail miserably - stupid expert level DIM setting. I try once more and by an act of god the binding finally to releases, just as SB arrives.  Thankfully I am ok and he does not have to fashion a sled out of his snowboard to get me down to the bottom.  That and a helicopter rescue just wasn't in the budget for this month.

Crisis averted, SB & KP go back to shredding some serious powder.  So worth the nearly broken ankle.  All is awesome, until we run into some tele-skiers who so kindly inform us that we are in fact dumb-asses and are NOT in Ski Bowl and are actually quite a ways away (especially sans skins & tele bindings).  But not to worry, if we keep going down there is a big chance that we will run into either Mirror Lake or the highway at some point.  Nice.

I turn to SB and say, "well we better start enjoying the nature, or we are toast." (this is based on a prior discussion that occurred earlier in the day where an outdoor survival tv show talked about how most people who survive being lost in the woods took time to enjoy the wilderness..and by damn, we were going to survive. Yay nature!) After a bit more shredding and nature enjoying we successfully made it to Mirror Lake.  There we are informed by a group of snowshoers that the highway is another 2 miles down a narrow switch-back trail and that we could probably hitch hike back to the resort from the trailhead.

Halfway down the trail we run into a nice couple on their way back down.  They sympathize with our stupidity and offer us a ride in their pickup at the bottom. SCORE.  They tell us to just wait for them at the trailhead.  Ten minutes later we run into another group of snowshoers coming up the trail who ask us if we had a pickup parked down below....because, um, it's about to get towed.  Shoot, there goes our ride.  But alas, SB & KP are fighters. We decide to storm down the rest of the trail and try to rescue the car of the people rescuing us - no matter what.

As you can see from the celebratory picture above, we totally made it.  Followed shortly after (seriously, they hauled ass down the trail once they got word their car was about to get towed) by the awesome people with the pickup.  We save the car, hop in the back, and get dropped off right at the base of Ski Bowl, 5 feet from the lift.

Oh yeah, and the whole epic tale only lasted about 2 hours.  We had time to do another run before we were supposed to meet the rest of the TC ski crew for beers. What an adventure.

The End.

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