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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Word of the Day: Adventure

"Adventure is my trigger word; once it has been uttered, there is no turning back." - SB

It was slightly past 8am when the TC ski crew assembled. The car was littered with skis, rockstar energy drinks, snow gear, and tired/hungover, yet happy passengers. It was setting up to be a perfect slope-side day; even though the crew had gotten a late start.

The destination was Mt. Hood, Oregon; home of Mt. Hood Meadows & the infamous Timberline (its lodge served as the setting for "The Shining") ski resorts. Unfortunately, the entire population of Portland must of woke up and thought to themselves, "hey, what a great day for shredding," because Meadows was at max capacity and closed down. Instead of heading another 30 minutes up and around the mountain to Timberline, the TC crew opted to hit up a more local & low key hill right near by. This is where the word "adventure" turned a normal ski day into an awesome tale.

Now, you see, when you hike up to an area and see a sign that says something along the lines of "Danger, you are going into backcountry full of avalanches, peril, and places where no one can hear you scream and no one will be able to save you unless you can afford to charter a helicopter," think twice before entering. Also, double check your map.

SB: "Yo, did you read that sign?"
KP: "Yeah, something about snow and things like that. Don't worry, that just means the terrian is sick over there!"
SB: "Do you think it leads out to a lift at the bottom?"
KP: "Well, there are a bunch of tracks headed this way and I think I see another skier over there, so it definitely must."
SB: "Are you sure?"
KP: "Come on, it will be an ADVENTURE."
SB: "Damn, that's it, we're going."

See the red circle and the arrow going outside of the ski area? That is where KP & SB decided was the best place to catch some sick powder. Clearly NOT in the ski area and clearly does NOT lead down to a lift.

But, they had not figured it out....yet. (To be continued)

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