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Monday, February 22, 2010

Things I SHOULD Have Appreciated More

Living overseas in a Middle Eastern country is quite a unique (said with heavy undertones) experience.  In the spirit of sharing my unique experience I have created a "KP's Awesomely Under-Appreciated Things List" (AKA "KP's Bitch List") for you all to enjoy!
  • Being able to wear tanktops and skirts/dresses with hems that are above the knee
  • SNOW & skiing
  • THREE.DAY.WEEKENDS every weekend - the work schedule on my last job was AWESOME
  • Roads without roundabouts - seriously, three to four lane roundabouts with traffic lights in them..WTF were they thinking?!
  • Being able to buy VANILLA EXTRACT so that I can bake - Vanilla Essence (aka imitation vanilla) blows! Oh, extract is banned because it is made with Vodka, FYI
  • Having more than 2 places in an entire city that are safe to run & being able to run outdoors without dying of heat stroke
  • Tampax Pearls - just being able to buy tampons in general, they are wicked hard to find here
  • ALCOHOL.  Being able to get it in restuarants that are NOT at a hotel, at the grocery store, and at the liquor store without needing a LICENSE to buy it!
  • NY Pizza & NJ Bagels - mmmmmm Heaven
  • Being able to get a straight answer from ANYBODY
  • Blissfull silence at 4am - opposed to "Call to Prayer" being blasted over loud speaker
  • Stores being open 24 hours and on Friday mornings and not being closed from 12-4:30 on weekdays
  • American over-the-counter cold & illness products
  • Decent drivers
  • Internet that works ALL.THE.TIME
I think that is all for now. Maybe I can turn this into one of those Late-Nite show top 10 lists...paging Conan, I have a new job for you!

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