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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Road Trip Around Qatar

Last Saturday the future hubs and I decided to take a mini-adventure and see the rest of the country outside of the city of Doha.

Whose genius idea was this??  Did I not learn my lesson from the last time we tried to venture outside of Doha?  Apparently I did not.

So off we went into the desert and here is what we found:

and some FLAME stacks from all the natural gas wells

also what desert adventure would be complete without some domesticated CAMELS
and some wild ones too!
The best part...
That is about 124 degrees F...in case you were wondering.

Moral of the story, life inside the city of Doha is looking pretty good right now.


  1. welp. that's a lot of... sand dunes. but hey, camels are cool, right? maybe not when you're used to seeing like 476 of them... ps. i LOVE your car. totally jeal. hubs says he'll buy me my dream Range Rover one when im 80. and should probably have my license taken away. thanks, hubs. :)

  2. Yeah I am super glad we ended up buying this, but sadly we will have to sell it once we leave since shipping it to wherever the heck we end up next (crossing fingers for Australia) will cost a small fortune. Plus, this is probably the only country we would be able to afford driving this vehicle anyhow; since it only costs 13 USD to fill the entire tank!!! I am seriously going to go into shock once I'm back in the states and have to pay like $3 a gallon. haha