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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I've Traded My Roots For Wings

Have you ever heard;
Of a tree being jealous of a bird?
A sapling growing towards the sky
Reaching for the sun; yearning only to fly.
Does the youth not see;
The true wonders of being a tree?
In the earth where it is firmly planted
The sapling takes its roots for granted.
Instead it wishes for wings;
Of all the ridiculous, impossible things.
So that it can chase the sun as it sets.
Live life to the fullest; sans regrets.
I was once a regal pine;
Dissappionted with my life's design.
So I traded sturdy roots and limbs
For wings to soar and draft the winds.
Forgoing shelter and shade;
A bargain with the devil made?
For now I have not a haven for rest,
No home; nor place to build my nest.
And for all the miles I've flown;
I must let the truth be known.
I am grateful for the freedom of the skies,
But it is the tree who is truly wise.
How funny can life be?
That I, a bird, am now longing for a tree.

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