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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back from the US

Coming back to the Middle East from the US my suitcases pretty much looked like this:

Add to that about 8 pairs of new shoes, 4 sticks of the future hubs Old Spice Endurance deodorant, a bottle of mineral oil, 6 Bath & Body Works liquid handsoaps, 1 temperpedic pillow, 1 isotonic memory foam mattress topper, 2 tubes of our favorite toothpaste, 4 boxes worth of Crystal Light Iced Tea mixes...and you get the picture.  But my suitcases were primarily loaded down with a library of heavy books that take up A LOT room.  Room that could have been occupied by new clothes (or more shoes, perhaps?).

This has lead me to make the following assessment; owning all these books and bringing them over here is not practical.  So what is a girl to do?  Here is what I am thinking:

I have about 2 months to decide (slash convince the future hubs that this is a worth-while purchase); since they do not ship to the Middle East and I will be going home for the wedding in September. 

Does anyone out there have one of these?  Is it worth the price-tag?  I read at minimum 4 out of 7 nights a week before bed...sometimes I go through books pretty quickly, other times not so much.  Is this only good for people who read ridiculous amounts?


  1. you NEED a Kindle! As soon as I saw that suitcase full of books, I thought "oh man, this girl NEEDS a Kindle!" i am a self-admitted MAJOR bookworm and go through pretty much 2-4 books a month.. Hubs bought the Kindle 2 for me when it first came out in February of last year (um, BEST Valentine's Day present EVER!!!). It was love at first sight. I now have 75 books on that little sucker.. I will admit, while at the beach recently, there have been a LOT of Kindle DX's out there (larger reading screen) and i do get a bit jealous- but truthfully, the Kindle 2 is perfect for me and it's just come down in price!! the ONLY complaint that I have is, it's really difficult to read in bed, at night, without the bedside light on (since there's no light feature) and since I do MOST of my reading in bed, i would definitely say go for the attachable reading light, too! So.. did I convince you, yet? It's amazing. No joke.

  2. If it is fully endorsed by Ashely Paige, then I am totally getting one. Ah, I don't think I can wait til September!