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Thursday, July 29, 2010

MENKIND - I would like to submit my formal complaint

Dear Menkind,

While I am impressed with your general know-how when it comes to fixing and operating technical gadgets, electronics, motorized vehicles, and the BBQ grill; I am however, baffled by your lack of common sense when it comes to simple household tasks at times.

Exhibit A.                                                      Exhibit B.

It confounds me that you are able to navigate the 5 remotes that control the “Home Entertainment Center,” yet you seem incapable of steering your dirty dishes and clothes into anywhere but the kitchen sink or onto the bedroom floor. I am perplexed how you can operate the myriad of buttons on those TV remotes with ease and finesse, but you seem completely unable to figure out the 2 buttons it takes to operate the dishwasher & washing machine. A helpful hint, (in case you did not realize it) your clothes & dishes do not magically wash themselves.

And you are such a wiz when it comes to fixing things that are broken. So how come you have difficulty applying that same handiwork to fixing dinner?

Also, you know I love it when your face is clean shaven, but do you know what I find even sexier? You CLEANING anything (besides your bike or your car).

Lastly, your extensive knowledge of sports facts and statistics is astounding. You know everything! But how can you not know a simple/common fact like you cannot leave cooked food (especially meat) out overnight unrefrigerated because it will go bad? And also just for a random made up example (cough*maybe*cough); that having to throw away the abundance of leftover homemade chicken meatballs and sauce that your loving partner spent her whole evening preparing while you were out riding your bike would make her very upset?

Any steps that can be taken in order to improve any of the above grievances would be greatly appreciated. Moreover, training classes on the art of laundry, cleaning, food preparation & proper storage are happily offered from the School of Womenkind all year long free of charge!

Thank you for your time,
Womenkind (aka The Management)

*Disclaimer - this post may or may not be reflective of a certain to-remain-nameless future hubs, nor is it neccessarily directed at said person for certain acts they may or may not have committed recently.*

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  1. Terruble servie and bad staff talking to about the thing that i have bough no refund from item. Didt give me refnd from item and bad maner from staff.