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Monday, July 19, 2010


4:30 AM, the alarm goes off. 

The future hubs has to go into work super early for a meeting.

Wearily, he drags his butt out of bed and resets the alarm an 1 hour later (5:30 AM) for me to get up.  We only have one car since circumstances do not necessitate the need for two, so I arranged to catch a ride at the normal time with a coworker.

Future hubs showers, gets ready, kisses me goodbye, and leaves for work.

Meanwhile, I am somewhere between blissfully dreaming and awake.


I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing and shoot out of bed.  I look at the clock and it says 7:50 AM. 

SHIT. (please excuse my french)

I answer the phone and it is my ride calling.  He is frantic.

"KP, are you ok? You don't sound good. Where are you?!"

I tell him that I just woke up and I realize that it is not really 7:50, but it is 6:50AM.  He has called me about 10 times and I've made him late for work. (Bummer)  I told him I am so sorry and to leave without me since there is no way I am walking out the door in less than 5 minutes.

Turns out the future hubs turned the whole clock forward an hour, instead of the alarm. 


And now I am totally stranded. (Have I mentioned I live in an apartment complex with mostly coworkers? Which does me no good because they are all already at work).

I try to call the future hubs.

The call goes straight to random Arabic message. BAHH. (I hate when that happens)

I quickly get dressed and try calling again. I get the Arabic message.
Make my lunch. Call. Flipping Arabic message.

I throw my phone angrily (and magically in slow motion for effect) onto the bed.  I really hate that Arabic message.

I decide to call one last time before I start walking and trying catch a cab, but as you can imagine at 120 degrees F that is not a very good option.

I dial his number. 

AND. IT. RINGS. thankyoujesus

Long story short, I make him leave work to come and get me (hey it was his fault!) and I only manage to be an hour and a half late.


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