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Thursday, August 5, 2010

I blame the heat

I have seriously got honeymoon on the brain this week.
I cannot be held responsible for my actions; I blame the heat.

It has caused me to do things like buy this little number from Anthropologie:

(I envision me and the future hubs reenacting the picture above.)

And I am on the hunt for a few more cute and fun honeymoon outfits.  I know it is probably silly to buy new clothes just for my honeymoon, but I can't help myself!

I see pictures like this on the internet and I just go crazy.  Oh, the whimsy and romance; I am dying!
I may or may not have already purchased this Victoria's Secret convertable dress in cobalt blue as well...
I figure the ability to wear one dress many ways is perfect and very practical for travelling.  So purchasing this dress may actually be consider economical, perhaps?

I guess a wedding/honeymoon is as good of an excuse as any to spruce up my wardrobe.
(Heck, I'll take whatever excuse I can get. ha)

So let's go for broke:
 Does anyone out there have any good "honeymoon style" suggestions?

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