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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nope, still not a Grown Up

FACT:  I am at an age where it is socially acceptable to get married & have children.
FACT:  It is debatable whether or not I am actually mature enough to do either of those things.  Same goes for future hubs.

Case in point:

After a minor "you never take me on dates anymore, folded arms across the chest, bottom lip pout" incident (seriously, I am like 5), the future hubs graciously planned to take me on a movie date this weekend.  Backstory - the future hubs is not a fan of movies or even TV for that matter (unless it invovles bicycles, cars, or Neil Patrick Harris) so I was pretty stoked that he was willing endure 2 hours of filmwatching just for me sans complaints; especially since the last time we went to a movie I made him suffer through Twillight Saga: New Moon (wow, now that I say it, we have not been to the movies in awhile) and I still have not heard the end of it.  So while I have been dying to see Eclipse, I decided to spare future hubs from having to watch me DROOL over the age-inappropriate for me to have sexual fantasies about Taylor Lautner and picked another movie. Sadface for TL being so young and for me not getting to see him in all his shirtless glory amplified on the big screen, but I digress.  So there we were; a twenty-something engaged couple, who just finished a very nice lunch at a trendy French Bistro, with Starbucks coffees in hand, standing outside the ticket office deciding on a movie to watch.  Of all the great choices of movies out now like Salt and Inception, what did we decide to see?

in IMAX 3D.
See, I told you I am not a grown up.

And even worse, we LOVED it. Especially because we got to wear these super awesome glasses:

We dedicated about 10 whole minutes to making fun of how each other looked in them before the movie started.  Speaking of Harry Potter. Oh wait, I wasn't speaknig about HP?  Anyway, the preview for HP7 came onto the screen (in all its HD, 3D triumph) and I about lost my shit.  I was hyperventilating, jumping up and down in my seat, and squealing like a little girl. I WAS SO EXCITED.  Heck, I AM still so excited and you better believe I will be getting in line to see a midnight premiere.

Ok, so back to me not being a grown up.  I have now during the course of writing this post changed my position on the subject and have developed the following theory:

Maybe people have children so that they can make excuses for indulging in pleasures like Disney movies, building forts, jumping in bouncy houses, playing with rad remote controlled toys, eating grilled cheese sandwiches, and going to bed early on the weekends withough feeling ashamed or like creepy creepsters.

Am I the only one who totally just had an "Ah-Hah" moment right now?!

No? That is not why people have children??  Ok then.

FACT:  My maturity is still questionable.

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  1. SOOO excited for HP!! And obsessed with Twilight.