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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I spent most of this morning prior to work and today at lunch look at PORN.

Ahem, porn of the shoe variety, that is.

Have you been to Zappos??  It is literally a shoe-addicts heaven.  You can browse thousands of shoes in just a few clicks and sort them all by type, color, brand, heel height, etc.  Then once you have found a pair (or 20) that suits your fancy, you can look at in high definition from 7 different angles and zoomed in.  Seriously, I am telling you; it's shoe porn.

And yes, I DO need to see the shoes from ALL 7 angles and the zoomed in close up shot!  That is the BEST feature of the site in my opinion.  I can't tell you how frustrating it is to be shopping online and not get to see a good view of a product from multiple angles.  Especially when it comes to shoes!  (Can I get a "Hell Yes!"?) I also like when websites give you suggestions of other shoes or items you might like based on the ones you are looking at...and I am like a moth to a flame...or a fat kid to a cookie jar (yeah I am definitely most like the fat kid to the cookie jar)...I am addicted and am continually finding the next swoon-worthy pair of shoes I wish I owned. (Meanwhile the fiance is having a minor heart attack at the thought)

And since I am such a good blog friend, I am going to share some of my porn with you (because really, that is what friends do!):

I am totally loving the thick, around-the-ankle-strap right now and I am in search of the perfect pair to add to my closet. Also, if you can't tell I am still floundering over the whole wedding shoe thing.  My heart aches for those Badgley Mischka's, but I have decided I don't want to do white with ivory.  I am toying around with other options of gold or silver...but I am not entirely sold on the idea.  I also found these Martino Valero petal sandals that have stolen my heart a bit too.  The thing is, I am having an outdoor wedding so heels are not the best choice of footwear...but I simply cannot find a pair of wedges or flat sandals that have the same kind of whimsy or romance as the Badgley's or the Valeros.  I found these other sandals on Style Me Pretty, but they are gold...and again, not sure I am sold on the idea. 

I am secretly hoping for a fairy godmother to appear and bestow upon me my "glass slipper", aka my perfect wedding shoe.  But until then, I will just be stuck sorting through endless amounts of shoe-porn.  It's a tough job, but someone has got to do it ;-)

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  1. i have been BEYOND obsessed with those Badgley Mischka's since i laid eyes on them. i want every single pair of those whimsy, adorable little foot bouquets!!!!!