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Monday, April 19, 2010


I had yet ANOTHER frustrating wedding dream last night.  I am quite sure my subconscious is trying to tell me something...and that message is "iPhones are evil". (Say what?!?) 

You are probably thinking: "What on earth does an iPhone have to do with a wedding?!?"

According to my dreams, apparently A LOT. 

Which is weird because I don't even own an iPhone...
but in my dreams I do and it causes me nothing but trouble.

I am either getting bad news called to me on it or I can't get in contact with/lost the number of a vendor/bridesmaid/future husband.  In one dream I had all the music for the wedding saved on the iPhone and somehow it all got erased and replaced with a track of Halloween sound effects (random, I know). 

Well, last night I dreamt that it was an hour before the walk down the aisle and my hairstylist was MIA.   Frantically, I am trying to get in contact with her, but my evil iPhone would not let me access her number.  I kept scrolling through my contacts and it would just keep scrolling right past her name and not stop. I would get extremely close, but not close enough to click on her name and call her.  I tried looking her up on the mobile internet, but the server was not working.  So then finally, I decided to ride my bike (in my wedding dress of course) over to her house.  Once I get there we settle everything and I sit down in a chair and she asks me how I want my hair done.  I am all, "I have pictures saved on my iPhone that I can show you!  I want my hair exactly like this one picture I have! It's going to be soooo awesome!"  And, the evil iPhone strikes again...it won't let me find the iPhoto app.  I keep sorting through the screen with all the apps and I just can't find it.  When I finally do find it, I keep hitting the wrong button...like I just can't quite seem to hit the screen in the right location to open it.  But none-the-less, my wedding is quickly approaching and I keep trying until after what feels like an eternity I lose all of my patience, throw the phone on the floor, and stomp on it until it breaks into a million tiny pieces.  At this point I woke up sweating and to my alarm clock blaring.  All I could think at that moment was "I am NEVER buying an iPhone!" Haha, seriously.

I have no idea why the iPhone is a reoccuring demon in my dreams.  I understand why I may be having dreams about things going wrong with my upcoming wedding...but I really just want to know, "why iPhone, why must you torment me so?!"

On a side note: Are there any other brides-to-be or newlyweds out there that have experienced wedding nightmares?  Or is it just me (crazy KP with her overly active imagination)?

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