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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Small Green Packages

It's true what they say; the best gifts come in small packages...small green packages that is.
This year for my birthday (last week) the fiance' replaced my old (slightly on the fritz) 4GB iPod Nano with this green 16 GB beauty.


  Little known fact: I am a music-aholic.  My iPod is the one thing I don't leave home without.  I am more likely to leave home sans cellphone than I am sans iPod. (I know, that's not normal) No, I am not one of those emo people who walk around all day with baggy jeans and a hoodie with earphones on!  But, I do always have my iPod handy and use it frequently (when appropriate).  And besides always having my iPod handy, I have playlists for EVERYTHING. 

No really, everything.

I have playlists for my different moods (and according to the fiance I have far too many..haha), for different types of dinner parties, for dance parties, for the mid-week work slump, for right before bed, various mixes for sports training & workouts, one for travel, an "i gotta get sh*t done" mix, and even one for running a marathon! (got to get busy creating a Half-Ironman training mix next)

Anyway, I have to say the fiance' did awesome this year; especially because I had been wanting a new iPod but had not even mentioned it to him.  Gifts are great, but I think they are so much better when the giver somehow magically reads your mind and you are not expecting it but it is exactly what you wanted. You know what I mean?

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