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Sunday, May 9, 2010

B is for Bad @ss and for BOY

Hello blog world! I would like to introduce you to my *first* ever nephew:


I absolutely L-O-V-E the name Cayden.  It reminds me of the place my brother & his wife first met - the Cayman Islands.  I don't think this has anything to do with why they choose this name, but I like it.  His middle name; Robert, is my dad's name. Good old Bob-O!

They just found out they were having a boy a few days ago and I could not be more thrilled for them.  If this little bundle of joy turned out to be a girl they were planning on naming her Evelyn Pilar.  Evelyn is the name of my sister-in-law's good friend who passed away and Pilar is her Mother's family name.  I like that this name has sentimental value.

Baby names are hard in my opinion.  Not that I am anywhere close to the point in my life when I am ready for a child (sorry mom!),  but I have thought about baby names in an anticodotal fashion. As in, "oh, that is a cool name"...or "oh god, whoever named their child that is deranged!".  If I actually had to come up with a list of names I liked or would consider for my future unborns the paper would be completely blank.  Now, if I had to come up with ridiculous names I would name my unborns as a joke...I could do that in a heartbeat:

Girl Names
1. Trashawanda - seriously I met a girl with this name once and I tried VERY hard not to laugh everytime I saw her
2. Anita Lai - self explanatory
3. Bertha - just screams "fat girl" to me
4. Gertrude - your child is now an 80 year old grandma
5. Krystal Oceania - I named one of my Barbie's this as a child, I have issues...ahaha
6. Apple, Blossom, Rainbow, Pearl - (or anything that is an actual object)
7. Neveah - (or anything this actually something else backwards)

Boy Names
1. Harry - I had a friend with this name, his last name was unfortunately Wiener (dead serious)
2. Ralph - to vomit or manparts...take your pick
3. Scooter, Skipper, Skipp - this is supposed to be a baby, not a boat
4. Thor - your child now must grow up to be on American Gladiators...(I think I may seriously have to name a future dog this though, preferably a smaller one..haha)
5. Seymour - your child is now an old pervy grandpa or vice principal
6. Sancho or Sanchez - as in dirty sanchez..haha
7. Prince - (put princess up for girls names as well oh, and precious for that matter..VOMIT)

Anyone else have any brillantly ridiculous names??  I could use some good ones for my future pets...(I highly agree with giving animals ridiculous names or wait, does that border on animal cruelty??)

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