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Friday, May 7, 2010

i think i may have a problem...

Last night I was apparently chewing in my sleep; very loudly.
To the point that the fiance' tried waking me up to stop me from chewing.
Now I don't remember any of this because I was sleeping, but here is what happened:

Fiance':  Baby, hey baby. Wake up.
KP: (chew chew chew, chomp chomp chomp) mmmm
Fiance': Babe, come on, you are chewing, wake up.
KP: (chew, chew) I know - I was eating CAKE.
Fiance': what? um, was it good?
KP: I don't know.

Seriously, you know you have a problem when you dream about eating cake to the point that you are physically chewing in your sleep. I am not sure what is more funny, the fact that I was eating cake in my dreams or that I did not know if it was good or not.  Either way, I think this may be a sign that I have a problem and might have to join cake-eaters anonymous.

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