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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why I am completely changing my ENTIRE Wedding

Over the past 24 hours, I have had a total change of heart.  It all happened when my Dad (who is totally rad btw) sent me the below e-mail that totally rocked my world....

So wait, you guys didn't know I have a "thing" for pirates?!
Ok, BFF/Maid-of-Honor, you totally knew.  (and you are down for this right??)

So instead of having an outdoor garden, simple-chic wedding in New Jersey, I am now going to have an


This is going to be the most FANTABULOUS wedding EVVERRRRR!!!  I am practically having a seisure of pure joy over this. And these are the wonderful people that are going to make it all happen:

Here are all the AMAZING details:
Here is what me and my future captian of my heart and life (aka fiance) have to look forward to:

Seriously, I am pretty sure you all are entirely jealous of how super rad, fantastically, awesome-riffic my new wedding is going to be.  I am sorry, but your glamorous ballroom, black-tie wedding just does not compare.  I mean come on, Pirates!  Arghhhhh!!!

So you guys are all totally coming right??

PS- Pirate or wench costume required.

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