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Monday, May 31, 2010

I may have just spent our entire life savings on shoes...


ok, well I did not really spend our entire life savings on shoes.

More like if you summed up the amount of money I've spent on shoes my entire life and compared it to this one Zappos shopping cart I just bought, this would probably be more. (ok that is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point.)

Basically, I placed every shoe I liked on the website into my shopping cart and hit checkout.

Can someone please explain to me why gorgeous shoes have to be so flipping expensive?

Now before you start judging and calling my mom to tell her I've gone crazy with a Carrie Bradshaw complex and need immediate psychiatric treatment; let me explain...

  • I have no self control

  • my feet were depressed and needed a pick-me-up

  • money for food? Ha! I can live on shoes and love alone!

  • Work was really boring today

  • So pretty, pretty, prettyyyyyy

  • Sex & the City 2 fever compelled me to do it
Still think I am certifiably crazy???  Don't worry, the above list is a JOKE. (cough, sort of)

Truth be told, while I did spend a decent chunk of change on the lovilies shown above; sadly, I will only be keeping 2 pairs to call as my own. That is if everything works out as planned.  The first four are potential wedding shoes.  I will hopefully be selecting one of these based on fit, comfort, and how it looks with the dress.  Of course, the pair I love the most (based on appearance) costs the most. Figures.  The last pair is a set of heels that has been elluding me for an entire year....I've tried on at least 50 pairs of nude pumps to-date and still have not found a winner (I am a bit picky).  I am hoping these will finally end my quest.  The reason I mass ordered online is because Zappos does not ship to Qatar and I will soon be home in NJ for a week so this is my only chance.

Hopefully I can keep the credit card bill a secret until then.

UPDATE: Future hubs saw the e-mail receipt for my purchases (damn, forgot about that) and the following Microsoft Communicator IM conversation ensued:

Hubs, Future [5:21 PM]: hey
Hubs, Future  [5:21 PM]: shoe shopper
KP [5:23 PM]: um, hey babe...whats up?
Hubs, Future [5:24 PM]: you picking me up?
Hubs, Future [5:24 PM]: or did you have to sell the car to pay for those shoes?


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