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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Adventures in Non-American Sports

Today during lunch I have been invited to play squash with a few of my British co-workers. 

First of all, my initial reaction was... "Squash?! Oh, you mean racquetball?"

[Side Note: Yes, I am from America and we play RACQUETBALL, not squash; BASEBALL, not cricket; and SOCCER, not football; and our FOOTBALL is played with padding, helmets, and an oblong ball. But that is a whole other discussion.]

So anyway, no, apparently they are two DIFFERENT sports because one uses a hard ball and the other a soft.  And it is called "Squash" as a reference to the "squashable" soft ball used to play it. (In case you were wondering, which you probably weren't)

My co-workers asked me if I've played/knew how to play...Of course I told them "Yes."   Actually it was more like, "Heck yeah!" with a fist pump.  But seriously, I have only played raqcuetball like once before, BUT I have researched squash on Wikipedia, so that counts, right?! RIGHT.

So here goes nothing...ugh, I am totally going to get my arse handed to me by a bunch of Brits and I am never going hear the end of it. Awesome. Stupid squash.

[Interesting tid-bit: Wikipedia mentions that squash has been recognized as the "world's heathliest sport."  WTF does that mean? Seriously, I would like to know.  And how exactly did they decide that?!]


  1. I found your blog through Kelly's Korner! I used to live in England so it's fun to read about your adventures over there! Have you been to a cricket match yet? warning they are very long!

  2. Hahah I have never played either squash or racquetball! It does look kind of fun though!
    Found your blog via Kelly's Korner. :)

  3. Hi Yall!
    OMG - Squash is super fun. Although I took a WICKED fall and now have a ginormous bruise the size of Texas on my rear end. I am so graceful!