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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First Steps

I have previously threatened to turn my kitchen into a cupcake factory...and this past weekend I took a few steps towards making that threat a reality.

The first step was making a batch of home-brew vanilla extract.

The second step was putting my oven into action by making a crap-ton (yes, you read that correctly, a crap-ton) of mini cupcakes.  I will admit that these cupcakes were not from scratch...the main reason being that it will be about another 75 days until my vanilla extract is ready.  Also, I was not able to find powered sugar for making frosting until just yesterday, but I digress...  Excuses aside, I think that I still made a wicked "from the box" cupcake.

can you smell them baking?? mmm.
Almost ready...
Do you hear what they are saying?  "Eat me, I'm yummy, and not fattening at all. I swear!"
Haha, yeah right.  These bad boys had an entire stick of butter in them, not to mention the icing.  They definitely are not the dieter's cupcake, even though they were bite-sized.

One of my friends told me my cupcakes were better than the ones he had at Magnolia's Bakery... he 1. obviously has not had a cupcake in quite awhile (we are seriously deprived over here) and 2. he must not have had the chocolate with dark chocolate icing, gave me a cupcake-gasm, one that I had when I was at Magnolia's in Dubai.

Anyway, so now I got this practice run of cupcakes out of the way... I am almost ready to let the cupcake factory production line begin.  I am having visions of myself at the end of some sort of belt shoving mini cupcakes into my mouth "I Love Lucy" style.  Awesome.


  1. um, those look absolutely delish! i'll take... twenty? awesome. haha :)

  2. The cupcakes made me eat pancakes for dinner last night :)YUM!