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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a quick question about clashing...

Badgley Mischa stole my heart with these beauties. I have been coveting either pair as my wedding shoes like nobodies business...
The only problem is they are white and my dress is IVORY. Honestly, before I became a bride-to-be I had no clue the difference between the two; now let's just say, I have been educated.

So is it ok to pair white shoes with an ivory dress?  Or is it a total fashion crime?


  1. um, i LOVE that pair with the ruffley-esque flower on the toe.. "major swoon!* as for the white vs ivory debate- i am no help.. is your dress ivory-ivory? or like an ivory-white? does that EVEN make any sense? haha! sometimes you can get away wearing white shoes, if it's not a bright white- it will sort of echo the ivory color in the dress.. some brides will say, "don't worry, no one sees your shoes!" but those suckers will definitely be photographed!! yep, after reading my comment i am definitely no help.. im assuming those Badgley's aren't dyeable, huh? haha :) good luck!!!

  2. gosh, i WISH they were dyable. I would turn those babies green (same color as my bridesmaid dresses) in a heartbeat. wait, um, yeah no, they probably would look horrible in green! strike that. haha.

  3. they come in GOLD! wait, is that uber tacky? haha.. i mean, i know i grew up in North Jersey and all.. but I'm not sure if you're going for that "North Jersey Wedding..." look. Maybe that gold looks a little.. ivory in person?! Champagne-esque perhaps?


  4. Ah, I am headed off to Austria right now, but will definitely take a look when I get back. It might just work!