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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So today I was browsing through some folders on my Macbook that I have not touched in ages.  I was in pursuit of some study materials from college to (hopefully) help on my quest to earn my Professional Engineering license (an 8 hour exam, plus 4 hour supplement for the State of California on top of professional recommendations and qualified work experience, blah, blah, blah).  Anyway, I randomly came across this photo tucked away in the stash and immediately started laughing outloud.
Got to love those "free smells."  I am quite sure this beauty was taken after a long night of drinking at one of my favorite college watering holes that is right above it.  Senior year this was my BFF and my go-to late night place...slash we would have them deliver to us at our sorority house ALL.THE.TIME.  Delivery sandwiches, seriously, that is a stroke of pure genius if you ask me.  Mmm, I can taste their Beach Club now.

Five bucks to anyone who can name the bar I stumbled out of to go to here.  Any Hokies out there? ;-)


  1. not going to ruin it, but you knowwwww i know the place and miss it dearly. oh, and ps: please don't give up goldfish altogether, they are way too delicious! or at least switch to cheez-its (my weakness). YUM.

  2. NOT GONNA LIE - Beach Club #12 was my jam and I'd do just about anything to have one right now! hahha!! love this post!

  3. Oh how I miss our Midnight (ok 2 AM) Beach Club "snack". I am going to locate the closest Jimmy John's asap and indulge!